Blogging on the Individual Mandate Decision at SCOTUSblog

This is just to let readers know that, in addition to blogging about the expected individual mandate decision here at the VC, I will also be blogging about it at SCOTUSblog. I will be joining a large group of legal scholars on both sides of the issue there, including co-bloggers Jonathan Adler, Randy Barnett, David Bernstein, and David Kopel. Other participants include Erwin Chemerinsky, Gillian Metzger, Richard Epstein, Laurence Tribe, and Adam Winkler. For a full list, see here.

I’m not yet sure how I will split up my posts between the two venues. But probably I will post an immediate reaction here, and then a more detailed, longer post, later in the day at SCOTUSblog. I will try to post links here to any posts I do there, if possible.

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