The Plan for Posts and Comment Threads When the Health Care Cases Are Decided

It’s likely that the health care cases are going to come down either tomorrow (Monday) or more likely later in the week, such as Wednesday or Thursday. We’re expecting a lot of posts and a lot of comments when the cases come down. The high likelihood of lots of posts on the mandate cases from the VC bloggers creates the possibility that it will be hard for commenters to know where to comment: We may end up with many different comment threads on many different posts that are all debating the same range of topics.

To help commenters find the relevant discussions, we’ll plan to have a few dedicated posts for commenting on various aspects of the decisions. For example, we’ll probably have one thread to comment on the majority opinion(s); another thread to comment on the dissent(s); etc. Our goal in setting up these comment threads is not to force commenters to comment in one place or another; we’re not going to monitor it or enforce any particular rules beyond our usual comment policy. Rather, we’re just hoping that a little organization might help commenters know where to comment and help readers know where to go to read relevant threads. It may not work, but we figured we would let you know about the plan to help you understand what we’re thinking.

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