Pro Bono Case Challenging Public School Shirt-With-School-Motto Requirement

I’m working right now on the Reply Brief in Frudden v. Pilling, a case I’m litigating in the Ninth Circuit; the chief (but not only) issue is whether Wooley v. Maynard, which held that people have the First Amendment right to obscure a state motto on license plates, secures public school students’ right to obscure a school motto on the mandated school uniform shirts. In case you’re interested, here are the relevant documents:

  1. The district court opinion, which upheld the policy.
  2. Our opening brief. [UPDATE: Fixed broken links, sorry about the glitch.]
  3. The other side’s answering brief.
  4. The Student Press Law Center amicus brief.
  5. The Alliance Defense Fund amicus brief.
  6. UPDATE: Our reply brief, added some time after this post went up, just to keep all the briefs together.

It’s a fun case, and I look forward to finishing the reply brief (due next Friday), and, I hope, arguing it late this year or early next. Many thanks also to the SPLC and the ADF for helping us out.

UPDATE: Meant to include the amicus briefs, but forgot at first. I must be more tired than I thought I was ….

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