Public Opinion on the Supreme Court After the Mandate Case

The Pew Research Center has some interesting polling information on public opinion of the Supreme Court after its decision in NFIB v. Sebelius. Overall, the Court’s numbers have gone down, but in an interesting way: The opinion of the Court among Republicans took a massive hit, while the opinion of the Court among Democrats improved only more modestly.

In the new poll, more Republicans view the court unfavorably (51%) than favorably (38%). That is a sharp reversal from April, when a majority of Republicans (56%) had a favorable view of the court and just 25% held an unfavorable opinion. Over the same period, the percentage of Democrats expressing a favorable opinion of the Supreme Court increased 12 points, from 52% to 64%.

While there were virtually no partisan differences in views of the court three months ago, there is a sizable gap today. Nearly twice as many Republicans as Democrats now view the court unfavorably (51% vs. 26%). In April, 25% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats had unfavorable opinions of the court.

Thanks to How Appealing for the link.

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