Most Cited Professors in Criminal Law & Procedure, 2007-2011 (Draft Version)

Because the 2007-2011 scholarly impact study by Greg Sisk et. al. did not include rankings within individual scholarly fields, I decided to channel my inner Brian Leiter and update the citation ranking in my area of interest, Criminal Law & Procedure. To make matters simple, I took Brian’s 2010 Top 20 & Runners-Up list from Criminal Law & Procedure and updated the numbers based on JLR cites from 2007 to 2011. I did this in about 20 minutes, so please consider it a draft: If you think I left out names that should be added or included names that should be excluded, please let me know. Although please keep Brian’s methodology in mind, too, which I tried to follow. ┬áThe chart is available below the fold for those interested.

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