Brief Blogging Hiatus

I have posted very little over the last week, and may continue in that vein for a few more days because of looming article deadlines. But I hope to be back in action soon.

VC readers may be interested to know that one of the pieces I am working on is an article on federalism and voting with your feet for the next annual volume of Nomos, which is devoted to the subject of Federalism and Subsidiarity. Other contributors include a variety of big-name federalism scholars in legal academia and political science: Daniel Weinstock, Loren King, Judith Resnik (Yale), Steve Calabresi (Northwestern), Jenna Bednar, Andreas Follesdal, Vicki Jackson (Harvard), Sotirios Barber, Michael Blake, Ernest Young (Duke), and Jacob Levy (McGill). If you’re interested in federalism, I hope you will check this out!

UPDATE: Sharp-eyed observers may have noticed that I wrote two posts about Paul Ryan in less than 24 hours after putting up this post. Nonetheless, despite appearances, I really am very busy right now, and I really will be posting relatively little over the next few days – or at least a lot less than I would have otherwise.

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