Anthem Foundation

Some of our readers might be interested in the Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship.  Tom Bowden sends along a bit of info about what they do:

The Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship is a non-profit that provides grants for the benefit of academic professionals engaged in serious scholarship based on Ayn Rand’s philosophy and writings. The Foundation also provides resources to academics interested in better understanding her ideas. We’re hoping that our newly launched program of outreach to legal academia will raise awareness of the research, publication, and teaching opportunities afforded by Rand’s many essays and commentaries on legal philosophy, particular legal controversies, and Supreme Court cases, all of which stressed the importance of objective law in a constitutional republic.

The Foundation’s resources include financial and intellectual support for research, connections to Rand speakers and scholars, support for conferences and workshops that advance Rand scholarship, review copies and classroom book sets of her works, assistance with reprint permissions, access to archival resources, and more. Our monthly e-newsletter, Ayn Rand in Academia, contains news of current developments (such as how Anthem can assist in obtaining royalty-free access to Rand’s articles for classroom use), calls for papers, and job openings. Visit our website to subscribe or request other resources, including a list of selected readings on law-related topics.