Harvard Cheating Scandal

The Associated Press reports on a massive cheating scandal at Harvard:

Harvard University is investigating whether dozens of undergraduate students cheated on a take-home exam last spring.

School officials said they discovered students may have shared answers or plagiarized on a final exam. They declined to release the name of the class, the students’ names or the exact number being investigated, citing privacy laws.

The undergraduate class had a minimum of 250 students and possible cheating was discovered in roughly half the take-home exams, university officials said Thursday.

Bloomberg reports the investigation is looking at approximately 125 students.

While the AP and Bloomberg reports don’t identify the class, the Crimson does: Goverment 1310 – “Introduction to Congress.” [Insert snarky comment here.]

Instapundit reader Scott Wiehle comments: “What’s so pitiful about this story is that about 200 or so of our best and brightest had to cheat on an open book exam at a school where grade inflation is so rampant you would have to cite ayn rand or favorably refer to W. to get a B.”

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