Ward Churchill Appeal Rejected by Colorado Supreme Court

The Colorado Supreme Court rejected Ward Churchill’s appeal to be reinstated as a professor on an immunity theory.  Inside Higher Ed story here.  Opinion here.  From the opinion:

We affirm, albeit on slightly different grounds. First, we hold that the Regents’
decision to terminate Churchill’s employment was a quasi-judicial action functionally
comparable to a judicial process. Hence, the Regents are entitled to absolute immunity
concerning their decision to terminate Churchill. Second, we hold that the trial court
did not abuse its discretion when it ruled that Churchill was not entitled to the
equitable remedies of reinstatement and front pay. Third, we hold that Churchill’s bad 2
faith investigation claim is barred by qualified immunity because the Regents’
investigation into Churchill’s academic record does not implicate a clearly established
statutory or constitutional right or law. We remand this case to the court of appeals to
be returned to the trial court for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.


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