Public High School Math Teacher Allegedly Tells Student to Leave Class for Wearing Pro-Romney T-Shirt

So reports, and there appears to be some acknowledgment from the school district that the teacher acted improperly:

The teacher allegedly told the girl to take off the shirt, saying it was like wearing a Ku Klux Klan sheet. The teacher allegedly threatened to use a marker to cross out Romney’s name and that of Rep. Paul Ryan, his running mate. The teacher also allegedly tried to throw the student out of class.

The teacher also allegedly said that Carroll was “a Democratic school.”

A school district spokesman confirmed that “a teacher made some comments to a student wearing a Romney t-shirt in their classroom. The comments were of a political nature, and also of a personal nature. We are looking into the comments, and the conduct of the teacher.” The teacher has been apparently temporarily shifted to a different class “to allow the student to feel comfortable to come to the class,” and the school official acknowledged that the student “was expressing her freedom of speech, and was not in violation of any school or district policy.”

FoxNews has a TV interview in which the student made the allegations on-camera. According to a follow-up story, the girls’ parents met with the teacher and the principal, and “the teacher insisted she had been joking, then stormed out and left the school.” The girl’s father also states that he was given the option of filing a formal complaint, or “letting the principal handle the incident, with the teacher getting some form of training.”

If anyone has more factual details, or pointers to stories that mention any statements by witnesses or school officials, please let me know. Thanks to Paul Milligan for the pointer.

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