Robert Bork and Gregory Sidak on Internet Search and Antitrust Law

Before Robert Bork became well-known for his views on constitutional law, he was an antitrust scholar at Yale, and the author of the highly influential book The Antitrust Paradox (cited 17 times by the Court, and actually relied on often, not something that’s true of all court cites to scholarly work).

Now he and Prof. Gregory Sidak (Tilburg Univ., the Netherlands) have a Google-commissioned article on antitrust and Internet search, titled What Does the Chicago School Teach About Internet Search and the Antitrust Treatment of Google (forthcoming, J. Competition Law & Econ.). (Sidak himself is a prominent competition scholar, whose work has been cited three times by the U.S. Supreme Court, and often by lower courts as well.) For a video discussion of the subject, see this AEI event featuring Prof. Sidak, Jeff Eisenach (AEI), Prof. Randal Picker (Chicago), and Prof. George Priest (Yale). I’m not an expert on antitrust law, but the authors certainly are, and the paper seems very interesting.

Disclosure: I too have written a commissioned paper on the law and search engine results for Google; mine was on the First Amendment questions raised by possible attempts at government regulation of search engine results.

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