Christopher Sprigman Set to Deliver Inaugural IP Lecture in DC on ‘The Knockoff Economy’

Christopher Sprigman, guest blogging last week on his and Kal Raustiala’s terrific new book, The Knockoff Economy, will be delivering the inaugural Peter Jaszi Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property at Washington College of Law, American University – my law school, WCL, and we are honored to have him!  The event is tomorrow, November 1, and if you would like to attend, you can register here (on the form, go to event selection, where there’s a pulldown menu).  There’s a reception at 5:30, introduction at 6:15 by Professor Christine Farley and Professor Peter Jaszi, and then the lecture at 6:30.  This should be a great event, and I’m delighted to see my school introduce this annual lecture in honor of my colleague Peter Jaszi.  (I unfortunately cannot attend, as I’ll be doing a panel discussion on drone warfare at Pomona College, in my hometown of Claremont, California – with the very great Shane Harris and David Glazier – if you’d like to attend that event in Claremont, here’s the link page.)

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