Complaint Filed with Egyptian Prosecutor General over Anti-Islamist Speech

Ahram Online reports:

A complaint was filed with the prosecutor general on Sunday by forty Egyptian lawyers, accusing renowned reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei of offending Islamists, of being against Islamic sharia law and of having insulted prominent Islamist preachers.

According to Ahram Arabic news website, the complaint was based on statements made by the founder of the Constitution Party against last Friday’s protest, which called for the implementation of Islamic sharia law in Egypt….

The complaint claims that ElBaradei, during a press conference held on Friday in Aswan, Upper Egypt, described some religious preachers as “clowns” and “merchants of religion”….

Note that this is just a complaint seeking a prosecution; to my knowledge, this need not turn into a prosecution unless the prosecutor general agrees. Thanks to Prof. Howard Friedman (Religion Clause) for the pointer.