Liberal and Conservative American Attitudes Towards Letting Anti-American Muslim Clergy Speak

Also from the General Social Survey, though this time with a question that was only asked in 2008 and 2010, yielding a total of 2500 respondents:

“Now consider a Muslim clergyman who preaches hatred of the United States. If such a person wanted to make a speech in your community preaching hatred of the United States, should he be allowed to speak, or not?”

  • Liberal — 52% yes, 48% no.
  • Moderate — 38% yes, 62% no.
  • Conservative — 39% yes, 61% no.

Here, the difference is considerably greater than as to anti-religious speech and speech claiming blacks are genetically inferior — discussed here — though it’s still in the same direction of liberals being more in favor of speech protection.

UPDATE: I originally accidentally typed “52% yes, 38% no” for liberals; I meant to say, “52% yes, 48% no.”

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