My Latest Article: A Theory of Law

I am pleased to report that my most recent article, A Theory of Law, has been published in The Green Bag. I would normally post an abstract along with the link to the full text, but this article is difficult to condense. On the bright side, it is less than one page long. And unlike most articles, it might be of use to a wide range of authors (if not editors).

UPDATE: I am delighted to learn that The Theory of Law already has profoundly influenced another scholar, as this important new article shows: I should add that I think it’s a tad early to declare A Theory of Law “canonical.” It probably will be canonical at some point in the future, such as by Tuesday. But it’s probably not canonical yet.

ANOTHER UPDATE: And now another article based on A Theory of Law, posted just a few hours later: This article agrees that A Theory of Law is canonical, so perhaps I should concede the point.

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