Reader Poll on Air Travel Screening Policies

Stewart Baker’s provocative post on the TSA prompts the question of what screening policies our readers would have the TSA adopt if our readers could determine the TSA’s air travel security policy. Here’s a reader poll on that issue, with my apologies for the strange formatting.

If you could determine the TSA’s policies, what security policies would you impose on screening for domestic air travel?
Eliminate all security screening.
Only screen using metal detectors, returning to pre 9/11 policies.
Screen using metal detectors and impose limits on liquids.
Switch to whatever security policies the European Union imposes on air travel in the EU.
Retain the status quo except no limits on carrying liquids aboard.
Retain the status quo.
Switch to whatever security policies the Israelis impose on air travel.
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If your answer was “other,” please consider leaving a comment explaining your preferred screening policy.

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