Video of GW Law Event on Henry Friendly

Two months ago, GW Law hosted a terrific event in honor of the new book “Henry Friendly: Greatest Judge of His Era.” It starts with an interview of David M. Dorsen, the author of the book, and it then features two panels of former Friendly clerks. You can watch the whole thing here:

“Henry Friendly: Greatest Judge of His Era.” Conversations with the author and three federal judges. from GW Law on Vimeo.

The entire event is worth watching. I was particularly interested in the beginning of the second panel, during which a distinguished trio of appellate judges who are also former Friendly clerks — Judges Garland and Randolph of the DC Circuit and Judge Bryson of the Federal Circuit — talked about the process of applying for clerkships back when when they were law students. That part begins at the 49:30 mark.

UPDATE: The video link seems to be down for some users. If it’s not working for you, you can access a link to it from the GW Law homepage.

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