David Addington Takes Over Heritage Foundation Center for Legal and Judicial Policy

The Heritage Foundation has announced a new position for the controversial Bush Administration lawyer David Addington:

Effective Feb. 1, David Addington will become senior vice president for legal and judicial policy, heading the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. In this new capacity, Addington will be responsible for the Legal Center’s research and education programs. Addington currently serves as Heritage’s senior vice president and deputy chief operating officer.

According to the WSJ Law Blog, Addington will focus on combating excessive claims of federal government power and overreaching claims of the Executive branch:

As head of the Meese Center, Mr. Addington said he hoped to focus on what he called “overregulation” by the federal government, and he said the Obama administration had taken some “questionable” steps, such as recess appointments of executive branch officials opposed by Senate Republicans.

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