Ronald Reagan’s AR-15

In June 1992, retired President Ronald Reagan was presented with some gifts from the American Shooting Sports Council, a trade association for the firearms industry. (ASSC later merged with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an older industry group.) The gifts were a Colt semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, a gold-engraved Colt Single Action Army .45 revolver, and a beautiful custom holster from Galco. He loved the gifts, and had a great time with them at his Rancho del Cielo. As he explained, many of the guns which he had been given as President were in the Reagan Museum, and he was not allowed to use them. So he was grateful to have some new guns of his own. You can read the whole story here, with lots of photographs, in this PDF from the August 1992 issue of The Alliance Voice, the magazine of the ASSC:  Ronald Reagan’s AR-15.

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