Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistani Proceedings

Pakistan Today reports:

The Supreme Court (SC) admitted a petition for hearing against Pakistani ambassador to US Sherry Rehman over allegedly committing blasphemy, a local TV channel reported.

A two-member bench of the SC comprising Justice Anwar Zaheer jamali and Justice Ejaz Afzal directed CCPO Multan [a police official] to take action according to the law.

The petition was submitted by Faheem Akhtar Gill alleging Rehman of committing blasphemy while speaking on a news channel two years ago. (Pakistan) has a similar story. NBC News adds:

The allegations against Rehman, which revolve around comments she made on Pakistani television in 2010, are being brought by Muhammad Faheem Ahkter Gill, a 31-year-old businessman who owns a marble business in the city of Multan.

Gill was watching the television interview with Rehman with two friends. He said he felt her comments were derogatory to the Prophet Muhammad and, being a Muslim, it was his responsibility to do something about it.

“I had been striving to get a blasphemy case registered against her since 2010, but in vain. Today the supreme court has ordered (the police) to register a case against her,” he said.

How far this case is going, and what is the significance of the court order to investigate, I can’t say. Thanks to Paul Milligan for the pointer.

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