Foundation for Economic Education seminars

I thought I’d plug the summer seminars of the Foundation for Economic Education, one of the long-time U.S. free-market think tanks which is now moving down from its traditional digs in Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. to Atlanta, where I live.

FEE has three-day seminars for both high-school and college students. The high-school student seminars are:

  • Anything Peaceful
  • Free the World
  • Intro to the Real World

And the college student seminars are:

  • Who Will Build the Roads? and Other Questions About Free Societies
  • Going Green: Free Market Environmentalism
  • Liberty, the Original Trendsetter
  • The True Costs of War
  • Made in China: Economic Development
  • Communicating Liberty
  • Rebels with a Cause

(None of this is to detract from the excellent summer seminars run by the Institute for Humane Studies, which are excellent and which I’ve participated in a lot, both as a student and as faculty. I met my wife at one of those. Check out those too.)

These seminars are in various cities around the country: Seattle; Prescott, Ariz.; St. Louis; Clemson, S.C.; Atlanta; and Rome, Ga.

Please tell your friends among high-school and college students who are interested in liberty. Applications for seminars close March 31. Now for the self-serving part: If you apply, please write “Sasha Volokh” as your reference! This will entitle me to some very modest rewards.

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