National Jurist Acknowledges Widespread Errors in Flawed Rankings

In response to widespread complaints, the National Jurist has reviewed its use of data from  While NJ still insists it was appropriate to use this haphazardly collected data for one-fifth of each school’s rating, it has been forced to revise the RMP score for two-thirds of ranked schools.  Let’s say that again: The National Jurist went to press with a ranking system that included mistakes for two-thirds of the ranked schools.  Even if one were to believe that it was reasonable to use RMP scores in the first place — and it was not (as discussed here and here) — this degree of sloppiness is appalling.  It was utterly  irresponsible for NJ to go to press with rankings based on such slipshod work, and a disservice to the prospective students NJ was purporting to serve.  Brian Leiter is correct — NJ should simply confess error, deep six these rankings, and start over from scratch.

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