Rehearing En Banc Denied in Case Invalidating Illinois’ Ban on Carrying Loaded Guns in Public

The order in Moore v. Madigan, and a dissent from denial of rehearing en banc, is here; for David Kopel’s earlier coverage of the opinion, see here. The denial of rehearing was by a 5-4 vote (with Judge Kanne not participating). I suspect there’s a good chance that the Court will review the case if the state petitions for certiorari, because (1) some state supreme courts have essentially taken the view that the Second Amendment just doesn’t extend to carrying in public, while the Seventh Circuit has taken the view that the Amendment does extend to carrying in public at least in some measure, and (2) the issue is important. (The close split on the Circuit might have been an extra factor in favor of Supreme Court review in some cases, as a signal of the importance of the issue and the lack of clear guidance from the Court on the subject, but here I doubt that the Court needs more of a signal on that score.)

Thanks to How Appealing for the pointer.

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