C.G.P. Grey

My two boys (ages 8 and 9) and I have been watching and much enjoying C.G.P. Grey’s YouTube videos. They’re educational but short, fast-paced, and funny (with lots of engaging visual humor, and none of the talking head quality that many educational YouTube videos suffer from). Is Pluto a Planet? is a good example; I particularly like how it focuses on a narrow issue but also draws out bigger conceptual implications, such as that our definitions of scientific terms often turn on what’s helpful to us in organizing data, and not just on some objective scientific reality. In any event, I highly recommend them, both for kids and even for adults who like these sorts of things.

I’d also like to ask in turn: Are there other such educational video series (or individual videos) that you can recommend, and especially ones that are similarly quick and visual in their style? My boys and I would love to have more such videos to watch, and I expect many of our readers would, too.

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