Watch Out U.S. News, Angie’s List to Rank Law Schools

Paul Caron has the details at Taxprof. In addition to the obvious potential effects on law school incentives to satisfy their customers, I wonder how giving all law students free Angie’s List memberships will skew local reviews of other businesses. Nascent lawyers are known to be, shall we say, more combative than the average twenty-something.

Meanwhile, Paul Campos complains that Angie’s List will only survey current students, excluding those who (a) either failed out after falling victim to the law school scam or dropped out after recognizing that their job prospects were nil; and (b) law students who are so discouraged by the debt they are taking on that they are too depressed to respond to surveys. Thus, he claims, the rankings will actually be skewed in favor of bad law schools who are responsible for (a) and (b).

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