Amicus Brief Supporting the “Gruesome Images” Petition, from Liberal Free Speech Scholars

The fourth amicus brief supporting our Scott v. Saint John’s Church in the Wilderness cert petition is the Brief of Constitutional Law Professors, filed by Bruce Johnson and Ambika Doran of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and by Prof. Geoffrey Stone (Chicago).

The brief is signed by Profs. Floyd Abrams (visiting at Yale), Amy Adler (NYU), Jack Balkin (Yale), Vince Blasi (Columbia), David Cole (Georgetown), Ronald Collins (Univ. of Washington), Alan Dershowitz (Harvard), Norman Dorsen (NYU), Daniel Farber (Berkeley), Kent Greenfield (Boston College), Seth Kreimer (you have an amicus in Pennsylvania), Sanford Levinson (Texas), Robert O’Neil (Virginia), Martin Redish (Northwestern), Suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt), Geoffrey Stone (Chicago), Nadine Strossen (New York Law School), Jonathan Varat (UCLA), and James Weinstein (Arizona State).

I feel confident saying that all or nearly all of these academics are fairly labeled liberals, and likely support the right to abortion. Indeed, many of them are among the most prominent liberal law professors in the country, and two are former Presidents of the ACLU — Norman Dorsen (1976 to 1991) and Nadine Strossen (1991 to 2008).

It thus especially pleases me, though it doesn’t surprise me, that they signed on to a brief supporting full First Amendment protection for speech with which they probably very much disagree.

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