Evaluating the REINS Act

The NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy has published my article “Placing Reins on Regulations: Assessing the Proposed REINS Act” in its latest issue.  The arguments I make in this piece should be familiar to readers of this blog.  In the same issue, the NYUJLPP has also published “The REINS Act and the Struggle to Control Agency Rulemaking” by Professor Jonathan Siegel of the GW Law School.  Professor Siegel agrees with me that the REINS Act is constitutional, but thinks it would be a bad idea.  In addition, the NYUJLPP has posted a short response essay by former OIRA Adminsitrator Sally Katzen and Julian Ginos raising constitutional doubts about the proposed reform.

For those interested, my prior posts on the REINS Act can be found here.

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