Seeking Samples of Excellent and Influential Amicus Briefs (But Not Supreme Court Merits Briefs)

I’d like my First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic students to read some excellent amicus briefs, to see what works, and to see the various kinds of briefs that work. I have some samples, but I’d love to see more, and in particular briefs that are not U.S. Supreme Court merits briefs. [UPDATE: I at first neglected to mention that it helps if the briefs were influential, whether shown by citations to them, the incorporation of their arguments, or otherwise.]

Anything else is helpful — amicus briefs supporting cert petitions (of course, it helps if the petition was granted), amicus briefs in U.S. Court of Appeals cases, amicus briefs supporting en banc review, amicus briefs in state appellate cases (whether supporting discretionary review or on regular appeal), amicus briefs in state and federal trial courts, amicus briefs before administrative agencies, and anything else I might have missed. Naturally, I’d especially like to hear feedback from judges, either in the comments or by email (to volokh at And of course, amici briefs, amica briefs, and amicae briefs are good too ….

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