President Calls IRS Conduct “Inexcusable”

President Obama harshly condemned the apparent politicization of the IRS today and announced the resignation of Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller. From the Washington Post:

In a furious statement at the White House, Obama said the IRS’s actions were “inexcusable and Americans are right to be angry about it and I’m angry about it.” He added, “I will not tolerate this type of behavior in any agency but especially the IRS given the power it has and the reach it has.”

Obama said Miller was asked to resign because the agency needs new leadership while it faces a broad probe of its conduct. Obama also said he would seek to put in place new safeguards to prevent the targeting from happening again.

CNN reports some Administration sources are blaming the conduct on two “rogue” IRS employees. In the meantime, USA Today reports that progressive political groups seeking 501(c)(4) statussailed through the IRS review process as tea Party groups were stalled.

Improper political conduct at the IRS may not be all that new, according to James Bovard. In a WSJ op-ed he discusses past IRS misconduct and notes the agency’s history of avoiding careful scrutiny.

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