Can Anyone Help With My Horrible Dell Webcam?

I purchased a Dell laptop a few years ago and it has been serviceable.  Except for one thing–the horrible integrated webcam.  The first was defective and had to be replaced.  Now my computer is telling me that it doesn’t detect any webcam.  As far as I can tell, the only thing worse than a Dell webcam is the quality of its customer support in answering this question, because many other people seem to have had this same problem and no one seems to know how to fix it (I’ve tried several different fixes that are supposed to work).  It is amazing how many people have complaints about that particular product.

Are there any smart VC readers who have had this problem and actually have a fix for it?  I wouldn’t be the only one who would see this as a great service.

Update: The camera has been fixed.  Dell eventually turned out to be helpful and stayed on top of getting the repairs made.  Thanks to all of you who suggested what the problem might be.  In the end, it was a disconnected cable to the camera (perhaps not properly connected when the camera was repaired last year).  And then they sent me a cd to reinstall Dell Webcam Central–which for some reason they do not make available for download on the website.

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