Schoolteacher in Egypt Fined $14,000 for Allegedly Insulting Islam

Daily News Egypt reports:

Demiana Abdel Nour, a 24-year-old social studies teacher in Luxor, was summoned by the public prosecutor on 8 May after parents of three students at Sheikh Sultan Primary School filed complaints claiming that Abdel Nour insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad by saying that the late [Coptic] Pope Shenouda III performed more miracles than the Prophet. They added that she placed her hand on her stomach to convey nausea when mentioning the Prophet.

However, according to [defense lawyer] Ahmed Ezzat, … a large number of students denied that any such attacks on religion had taken place.

Thanks to Prof. Howard Friedman (Religion Clause) for the pointer.

UPDATE: I initially erroneously said the fine was $100,000, but it’s actually 100,000 Egyptian pounds, which is about $14,000p; thanks to commenter SykesFive for correcting me on this.