Lose-Lose Situations

Who are the good guys in the following conflicts in the Arab world?

(1) The various Libyan factions fighting each other
(2) The Palestinian Authority vs. Hamas
(3) The Syrian government and Hezbollah vs. Sunni Islamists
(4) Hezbollah versus Sunni Lebanese and Palestinian militas in Lebanon
(5) The Egyptian army vs. the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt
(6) Shiite militias vs. Sunni militias in Iraq
(7) The Saudi government vs. Al Qaeda

The answer in each case seems to be none or neither, though in some cases there may be a preferred victor for U.S. foreign policy purpose, and in a few cases some elements of one group, but not the broader group, are sufficiently liberal to be deemed the good guys. But the fact that for the most part you have various authoritarian, totalitarian, fanatic nationalist, fanatic religious, fanatic sectarian, etc groups fighting each other, with nary a liberal democrat in sight, perhaps should give us some indication of how messed up the politics of the Arab world are, and how unlikely American efforts to encourage liberal democracy are to bear fruit.