The Multilateralist Blog Interview on How American Conservatives See the UN Today

David Bosco, who authors the outstanding “The Multilateralist” blog at Foreign Policy (where he is a contributing editor and who is also my American University colleague in the School of International Service), conducted an interview a few weeks ago with the Heritage Foundation’s Brett Schaefer and me on the United Nations.  The idea was to ask how American conservatives – Brett and me – view UN-US relations these days.  Brett is the editor of a fine book,ConUNdrum: The Limits of the United Nations and the Search for Alternatives; I am the author of a 2012 book, Living With the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order.  The Multilateralist piece is a transcript – outstandingly edited by Bosco – titled, “Can Conservatives Reconcile with the United Nations?”  (The link is at the Foreign website; free registration to access. Volokh readers’ lives will not be complete without both Brett’s and my books; you can read a sample couple of chapters from my book here in pdf at SSRN.)

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