Obama Names Two New NLRB Nominees

Pursuant to the deal under which Senate Republicans agreed to stop filibustering several Executive Branch appointments, President Obama has named two new nominees to the National Labor Relations Board: AFL-CIO general counsel Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa, chief counsel to the current NLRB chair. Under the terms of the deal, Republicans have agreed not to block a vote on either nominee, so both should be confirmed rather quickly.

A side note: If the President can name replacement NLRB nominees within 24 hours, why does it take so long to name judicial nominees?  Yes, life appointments require a greater degree of vetting, but this shows the Administration is capable of acting quickly when it wants to. Alternatively, and more cynically, these nominees were picked so quickly because, under the terms of the deal, the White House knows they will be confirmed, so a usual degree of vetting was unnecessary.