A Property Law Bleg

This fall, I will be teaching the first year course on Property for the first time in a couple years. I would like to ask readers who are property professors, practitioners in the field, or otherwise expert on the subject if you have suggestions for recent cases and other materials that you think should be included in an intro course. You can assume that I am familiar with important recent eminent domain and regulatory takings decisions, since these are a major focus of my own scholarship. But it’s possible I have missed relevant developments in other areas that should be included in an introductory property course.

I also have a specific issue on which I am seeking recommendations: I would like to assign the class one recent, short, high-quality article arguing that the mortgage crisis was primarily a market failure, and one comparably good (and short) article claiming that it was primarily the result of government failure. I previously assigned articles published in 2007-08, but I’m looking for more up to date pieces to assign this year.

Thanks in advance to all who make suggestions!

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