LEC Faculty Workshops

The GMU Law and Economics Center has just announced a slate of new programs for law professors.  This year the LEC will be doing special programs in “Risk, Injury, Liability, and Insurance,” “Public Choice Economics,” “Empirical Methods for Law Professors,” and, of course, the LEC’s traditional two-week summer seminar on “Economics for Law Professors” (to be held in Steamboat Springs in 2014).

The program on public choice economics is a reprise of the one that I organized last December on behalf of the LEC.  That program turned out to be oversubscribed, so some people who wanted to attend weren’t able to do it.  Se we are doing it again in March 2014 in case you couldn’t do it last time.  We are also moving it out to Palo Alto.  Faculty again will include Barry Weingast, Fred McChesney, and myself.  As I said, it was oversubscribed last time so apply early to make sure you get a spot!