My Upcoming Talk at the Introductory Meeting of the George Mason Law Students For Liberty

This post is mostly intended for George Mason law students.

On Monday, September 16, from 5-6 PM, I will be speaking at the introductory meeting of the George Mason Law Students for Liberty, for which I am the faculty adviser. Students for Liberty is the nation’s largest and most successful libertarian student organization, and the GMU Law School chapter is one of the first efforts to expand it to the law school world. My talk will cover what libertarianism is, how it differs from liberalism and conservatism, and some of its most important implications for law and legal theory. There will also be a brief introduction by GMU SFL President Andrew Hopkins, who will describe some of the exciting activities that SFL has planned for the year. Perhaps most important, there will be free burritos from Chipotle.

The event will be in Hazel Hall, Room 332.

I should note that any students interested in libertarianism are welcome to come to the event, and “interested” doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually are a libertarian yourself. The interest could even arise from a desire to learn more about your ideological antagonists.

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