State v. Brewington Oral Argument

I just returned last night from Indianapolis, where I had the honor and pleasure of arguing on behalf of amici in State v. Brewington; many thanks to the defendant’s lawyer, Michael Sutherlin, for agreeing to split his time with me, and both to Michael and his associate, Sam Adams, for all their help on the case. Thanks also to retired Justice Frank Sullivan, Patricia McMath, Joel Schumm, Lahny Silva, and Geoffrey Slaughter, who sat on a moot court for Mr. Sutherlin and me (organized by the Indiana Appellate Institute). I found the moot court to be tremendously useful.

All in all, it was an excellent trip, which also included a debate organized by the IU-Indianapolis law school Federalist Society, a talk to the Federalist Society Lawyers’ Division Indianapolis chapter, and a lovely dinner with some IU professors. (I highly recommend the restaurant Cerulean.)

And as to the main event, I very much enjoyed doing the oral argument. I enjoyed preparing for the oral argument. I enjoy having had the oral argument. But the 30 minutes before the oral argument — not so much.

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