Two straws in the wind for the Snowden flap:

1. When Silicon Valley corporate leaders are grilled over their view NSA by an outraged Michael Arrington, he uncovers a remarkably diverse set of views and ends up complaining, ”I’m not getting anyone to care so far on stage.”

2. When Joseph Menn of Reuters does a deep dive to calculate Snowden-related losses suffered by US companies he finds … nada:

Despite emphatic predictions of waning business prospects, some of the big Internet companies that the former National Security Agency contractor showed to be closely involved in gathering data on people overseas – such as Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. – say privately that they have felt little if any impact on their businesses.

Insiders at companies that offer remote computing services known as cloud computing, including Amazon and Microsoft Corp, also say they are seeing no fallout.

UPDATE: Fixed the link; thanks Jeffrey!

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