Democracy and Political Ignorance – The Book Tour

It’s not actually an integrated book tour, but merely a set of individual speaking engagements. But, for readers who may be interested, here is a list of upcoming talks I will be giving about my book Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter. In most cases, these events will last about 60 to 90 minutes and are open to the public unless otherwise noted. I will announce additional details about some of these later, and there will probably be a few additional talks that I haven’t scheduledyet:

October 3, Noon: Columbia Law School Federalist Society (with commentary by Columbia Law School Professor Philip Hamburger).

October 22, noon-1:30: Georgetown University Law Center, co-sponsored by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution, the Georgetown Federalist Society, and the Federalist Society Faculty Division (with commentary by economist Bryan Caplan, author of The Myth of the Rational Voter, and Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman).

October 24, Noon-1:30: Florida State University College of Law, Faculty Enrichment seminar (this one is for FSU faculty).

October 29, Noon: Yale Law School Federalist Society

October 31, Noon: Pepperdine Law School, Federalist Society

November 1, Noon: Los Angeles Federalist Society, Lawyers Division Chapter

November 5 (Time TBA): Duke Law School, Federalist Society

November 6, Noon: Cato Institute, Washington DC, (with commentators TBA).

November 18, Noon: University of Virginia School of Law, Legal Theory Workshop (this one is primarily for UVA faculty).

November 26 (Time TBA): Institute of Economic Affairs, London

November 28 (Time TBA): King’s College, London

January 9, 4:30-6 PM: McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Research Group on Constitutional Studies

January 28 (Time TBA): University of Illinois Law School (Urbana), Federalist Society

January 31, 11-12:30 AM: University of Texas School of Law, Austin Texas, Conference on “Is Democracy Desirable?” (with commentary by Yale Law School Professors Jack Balkin and Heather Gerken)

February 6 (Time TBA): University of Minnesota Law School Federalist Society

February 13 (Time TBA): Indiana University School of Law (Bloomington), Federalist Society

February 27 (Time TBA): South Texas College of Law (Houston).

March 20 (Time TBA): Austin State University (Texas).

UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter who pointed out the error, I have corrected “University of Indiana” to “Indiana University.”

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