The New York Times Loves Arguendo

A few weeks ago, I posted about Arguendo, a new show by Elevator Repair Service Theater (ERS), which opened last night at the Public Theater in New York City. Arguendo is a sort of topsy-turvy dramatization of the oral argument in Barnes v. Glen Theatre, an important Supreme Court case about nude dancing and the First Amendment. As a board member of ERS and an advisor on this project, I am pleased to report that the New York Times loves the show. Per Ben Brantley this morning: “A cool, obsessive genius animates the ever more fevered proceedings of ‘Arguendo,’ the Elevator Repair Service’s foray into the hallowed mazes of American jurisprudence….” It is, he says, a “wittily inventive” show that “keeps growing richer and more insightful in the remembrance.” The review is here. Details and tickets are available here.

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