Important French Revolution-related news for tomorrow, 10/23/13

According to the French Republican calendar, tomorrow (which we know as Wednesday, October 23, 2013) is 2 Brumaire CCXXII — and since Brumaire is the second month of the calendar, it’s a date that can be written 2/2/222. Since it’s the second day of the month, the day of the week is Duodi, and the day is represented by celery.

Clearly, this calls for some extraordinary celebration, perhaps some observation of the cult of the goddess of Reason. Also, be sure to observe other important months of the French Republican calendar, such as Humidor, Glucose, Aérospatial, and Légionnaire.

UPDATE: Commenter Paul McKaskle reminds us that October 23 is also the date of the creation of the world (in 4004 BC) according to Archbishop Ussher. Clearly everything is connected.

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