VC Bloggers on Twitter

Back in March, I decided to try Twitter again. It seems to have stuck this time.  I’ve tweeted about 550 times, around twice a day. Some of my tweets are only links to blog posts, so it’s stuff you’re getting by reading the VC. But I’ve found that Twitter is also useful to link to new cases, law review articles, and speeches that don’t merit a full blog post. I also often tweet news about presentations that I will be giving or include links to news stories. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you can find it here.

And I’m only one of many VC bloggers on Twitter. Here are the feeds I could find, with apologies to any I may have missed:

There is also a @VolokhC account, although it’s just an automatic feed of all VC posts.

UPDATE: I have added Randy, Jonathan, and Dave K., all of whom I looked for but missed earlier.

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