Want to be a Law Professor?

The Georgetown Center for the Constitution is now receiving applications for 2-year fellowships for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years. Fellows will work on their scholarship as they prepare to enter the law teaching market, and are Visiting Lecturers to teach their own seminar on the subject of their research and co-teach with me.  The application form is available here.  The postmark deadline for the 2014 – 2016 fellowship will be Friday, February 15, 2015.

Here is a more detailed description of the program from the website:

The Georgetown Center for the Constitution Fellowships is designed for a highly-qualified law graduate who intends to pursue an academic career.  We seek applicants who have shown an aptitude for independent scholarly research, as demonstrated by their scholarly work in law school, research related to other graduate degree programs, and/or their professional activities after law school.

During their residence at Georgetown, Fellows are expected to produce significant scholarship for publication and teach a seminar on the subject of their research as a Visiting Lecturer. The Fellow also will contribute to the intellectual life of the Center by participating and guest lecturing in various constitutional law courses at Georgetown, and will have the opportunity to take part in the Georgetown Law Fellows’ Collaborative in preparation for the academic job market. The position is designed for individuals intending to go onto the legal academic job market within two years.

The Fellowship

The Fellow will be in residence at Georgetown Law Center for a two-year period. The Fellowship permit the Fellows to complete a year of research, writing and teaching a seminar, before applying for teaching positions during their second year. During the Fellow’s tenure at Georgetown, he or she will be expected to produce at least one major academic piece of scholarship. The Fellow will be mentored by the faculty associated with the Center, and will work closely with his or her mentors in the development of the major writing project.

The Fellow will also be expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the Center in a meaningful way by participating, where appropriate, in ongoing Center projects. This will include attending and participating in Center programs.  The Fellow will also  have the opportunity to attend scholarly symposia, lectures, and brown bag seminars with Georgetown Law faculty, and to participate in the Georgetown Fellows’ Collaborative, described below.

The Georgetown Fellows’ Collaborative

The Georgetown Fellows’ Collaborative is a program designed for the fellows at Georgetown Law and its various institutes who wish to pursue an academic career. The core of the Georgetown Fellows’ Collaborative is the regular Fellows Workshop and the ongoing Fellows Seminar. Members of the Fellows’ Collaborative are also invited to programs about the teaching market, and work together and with members of the faculty in the application process.

Fellows Workshop

The Fellows Workshop meets every other week and gives Fellows from the different Georgetown programs an opportunity to present their works in progress to one another. The goal is to improve the quality of participants’ work in a collaborative, supportive, critical and rigorous process of peer-review. The Fellows Workshop is run in the same format as faculty workshops. Presenting fellows are encouraged, though not required, to invite faculty with relevant interests to attend as well.

Fellows Seminar

The Fellow is expected to participate in the Fellows Seminar, which is conducted by members of the faculty. The Fellows Seminar provides, in two years, an overview of major ideas in legal thought and scholarship. The Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in four seminars, consisting of: (1) Legal Theory and Jurisprudence (2) Law and Social Sciences (3) Law and Humanities, and (4) Contemporary Debates in Legal Scholarship. A different seminar will be offered each semester. Fellows are not required to produce any writing for the seminar, but it is expected that the Fellow will participate in a lively discussion.


The Fellowship offers a competitive stipend and eligibility for staff health insurance.

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