Privy Peeks: GOP v. Dem

Ksebelius JSensenbrennerVoting continues in the Privy Award for Privacy Hypocrite of the Year, which features a partisan matchup. One nominee is Republican James (“You Hid Information From Me By Disclosing It at Briefings I Refused to Attend”)Sensenbrener. Another is Kathleen (“Harsh Privacy Penalties for Thee, But Not For Me”) Sebelius.

Voting isn’t over, and the contest still could go either way (or one of the European candidates might prevail), but I know there’s interest in this matchup, so I’m leaking partial hints to inspire further participation.

The short answer is that, despite a strong campaign by Ben Wittes of Lawfare, Kathleen Sebelius currently leads Jim Sensenbrenner in the public voting.  There is lots of time left (voting won’t close until early January), and the privacy professional vote will count most.  But if your candidate is Jim Sensenbrenner and you haven’t voted, it’s time to get on the stick.  And if you like Secretary Sebelius for the honor, better do the same; her lead is not safe.

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