Privy Peeks: Ninth Circuit v. ND California

LkohJaybybeeAs voting continues for the 2014 Privy Awards, here’s a peek at another closely watched matchup.  Which judge will win the coveted Privy for having written the dumbest privacy decision of the year? Just to make it interesting, the two judicial candidates are both from San Francisco, but Jay Bybee is a Republican appointee to the court of appeals while Lucy Koh is a Democratic appointee to the district court.

So, who is going to prevail in the race to the bottom for least persuasive privacy opinion of the year? Judging from the public vote so far, Judge Koh has a modest lead.  But she could easily be spared the ignominy of losing to Judge Bybee.  All she needs is the support of .0000001% of the 425 million Gmail subscribers she says were unfairly tricked into allowing Google to illegally wiretap their Gmail accounts for advertising purposes.

If you have a view but haven’t voted, balloting is still open.  Start here for a list of the candidates.  Go here to cast your vote.  And remember, the votes of privacy professionals will be weighted most heavily, so check to see if you qualify before you vote.

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