Liberals and Conservatives Switch Positions on NSA Surveillance

A recent Washington Post poll asked, “How concerned are you, if at all, about the collection and use of your personal information by the National Security Agency?” I was interested in the different degree of concern among political liberals and political conservatives. Here are the results among political liberals:

  • 26% very concerned
  • 26% somewhat concerned
  • 26% not too concerned
  • 21% not at all concerned

On the other hand, here are the results among political conservatives:

  • 48% very concerned
  • 29% somewhat concerned
  • 12% not too concerned
  • 9% not at all concerned

It’s an interesting reversal from 2006, when the President was a Republican instead of a Democrat. Back then, a Pew poll found 75% of Republicans approved of NSA surveillance but only 37% of Democrats approved. Granted, there are some differences between what we know the NSA was up to then and now. The polling questions are not identical, and party affiliation is not the same as ideology. Still, it’s an interesting shift. Kerr’s Law in action, I suppose.

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