Open Thread on Personal Experiences With the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Before posting about my experiences trying to get health insurance for a family member for whom I have a power of attorney, I want to ask VC readers about their personal experiences (and those of their family members). I want to hear both positive and negative experiences.

For example, who had no health insurance before but now has it? Who had insurance before but doesn’t have it now? Why?

Who had a big increase or decrease in coverage, deductibles, or premium cost? Are your existing doctors included in your insurance company’s new network?

What experiences have you had on or the state sites? Have you had trouble having your identity verified? Has the chat function worked for you? How payment worked for you? Have you gotten your insurance card?

Are any of you too rich for Medicaid but too poor for subsidies on the exchange? Has the site informed you that you are enrolled in Medicaid when you have never been in Medicaid and have never applied for it (this happened to someone writing online and to my family member)? Have you experienced the website saying that a state Medicaid official would call you, and if so, did a Medicaid official call you? Has anyone appealed a determination, and on what basis?

Please be as specific as possible in telling your personal stories.

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