Mockery of the Obamacare Pajama Boy Anti-Semitic?

That’s the claim made by one Jay Michaelson in the Forward:

Yes, Virginia, Pajama Boy is a member of the tribe. Look at him. Pale Ashkenazic skin, Jew-fro’d black curls, Woody Allen specs. Even the smart-ass expression on his face screams of the Wise Son from the Passover Seder.Parenthetically, the model himself is one Ethan Krupp, an Organizing for America staffer who is, in fact, Jewish. But whether Krupp himself is circumcised or not, Pajama Boy is semiotically Jewish, even stereotypically so.

Nope, not a satire. And more:

In fact, Pajama Boy stands at a centuries-old nexus of anti-Semitism and misogyny. As many scholars, including Sander Gilman, David Biale, Paula Hyman, Matti Bunzl, John Efron, and Daniel Boyarin have shown, Jewish men have been accused of being unmanly for hundreds of years – including by other Jews, such as the early Zionists, whose muscular Judaism was a direct response to diaspora Jewish emasculation. This is an old, old motif. The Jew is the Other is the Effeminate is the Liberal. He is the urbanite, the parasite, the usurer, the lawyer. His effeminacy corrupts the Volk or the Heartland or the real American values. He wouldn’t know how to drive a pick-up truck if it was on cruise control. And he definitely votes for Obama. Really, what’s “metrosexual” about Pajama Boy, anyway? The fact that he’s wearing pajamas? Drinking a hot beverage? No – it’s the way in which he so perfectly fits the Right’s image of the liberal Jewish girly-man. There’s a real “masculinity,” and then there’s whatever it is that Pajama Boy is embodying. (For the record, I have no idea whether Krupp is gay or straight. Neither do his haters.)

Still not a satire. Seriously, while I’m aware of the sort of anti-Semitism Michaelson is referring to, I’ve have never, ever, been cognizant of American conservatives having an “image of the liberal Jewish girly-man.” And the stereotype of Jews more generally as unsexy seems anachronistic by at least a generation; People’s sexiest man alive’s name, after all, is “Adam Levine.” Jewish women are doing well, too. Esquire’s past two “Sexiest Women in the World” have been Jewish women, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis. But the piece had entertainment value at least.

UPDATE: From a commenter: “Guess I viewed the holiday red-underwear pajama hangout at Christmas time with cocoa as about the most stereotypically gentile thing that didn’t involve a roast pig or a bass boat.”

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