NYU Journal of Law and Liberty’s Supreme Court Review-Preview

The newest issue of the NYU Journal of Law and Liberty is available online. It contains their special Supreme Court Review-Preview, which in turn contains my short article, Interstate Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage after Windsor, which I’ve mentioned here before. It begins:

Last June, the headlines said that the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Windsor struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. But that is only half true. The Defense of Marriage Act had two important provisions. Section Three defined “marriage” for purposes of federal law as being limited to the union of one man and one woman. It was invalidated in Windsor. But the Act’s other section, Section Two, says that states are not required to recognize one another’s same-sex marriages. Section Two was not invalidated, but it may be soon.

The Review-Preview also contains interesting-looking articles by Fernando Teson, Barry Friedman, Ilya Shapiro, Peter Shane, and by co-bloggers David Bernstein and Nick Rosenkranz. Richard Epstein wrote the introduction.

(I haven’t yet figured out how to download a PDF from the journal website, but the final version of mine is also on my SSRN page.)

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